Grant Chandler

Owner, Marketing Tech Guide, Briarwood Consulting

Moneyweave® Academy Board Member

Grant Chandler

Grant Chandler is a savvy digital marketing and technology specialist with a BFA in Graphic Design. His expertise covers website design, SEO, user experience, process development, business strategy, and more. As a successful business owner and educator, Grant has a deep commitment to helping others succeed.

In 2014, Grant left the corporate world to start Briarwood Consulting Services, LLC. His keen eye for detail gives him a unique ability to conceptualize complex topics. Using this capability in conjunction with his out-of-the-box creative problem solving, Grant quickly grew his business. From small companies to multi-million dollar organizations, clients rely on Grant to help them develop better marketing strategies and more efficient procedures.

In addition to consulting, Grant is a highly acclaimed instructor in the continuing education department at Normandale Community College, teaching the accredited Web and Graphic Design software program. He also provides customized training to business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies looking to expand their technical skills. A few of the organizations he works with include The Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth (MITY) and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). 

One student from Normandale Community College had this to say about Grant; “He is patient and an excellent communicator. He is talented at taking complex issues and simplifying them for students to understand—a true teacher. He gave us such practical tips and tricks that he has learned from real-world experience. He genuinely cares about our success and gives us so many more resources to look into so that we can continue to be learners.”

Grant’s students, clients, and mentees see him as the glue between technology and marketing leadership. His data-based approaches prove that an exceptional digital marketing strategy needs a solid technological infrastructure. On the rare occasion when Grant isn’t busy building a city in a day, you can find him tinkering with electronics, crafting at his sewing machine or skating on a local lake.

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