All Women Face at Least One of These Financial Risk Factors

  • Living longer
  • Underearning male peers
  • Caregiving to family members
  • Lacking financial confidence
  • Competing financial priorities
  • Time poverty
  • Singlehood
  • Higher likelihood of becoming disabled

Through advanced financial planning classes and expert-authored content, Moneyweave® Academy helps women gain clarity, confidence and control over their finances.

Moneyweave® Academy provides compelling workshops and must-read content tailored to the needs of professional women. We also donate 20% of our net income to and partner with other non-profits who focus on financial education for women and girls at risk of poverty.

UNDERSTAND how financial planning benefits women

LEARN from qualified, vetted and experienced instructors

GROW in financial clarity, confidence and control

GIVE to self care and care for others

How we’re different

Female focus.

While many women in the U.S. are gaining affluence, they’re far more vulnerable to impoverishment than men. We focus on the unique financial planning needs of women.

Education, not sales.

Moneyweave® Academy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help women make good financial decisions—not to sell financial products.

Qualified expertise.

Our educators meet strict educational and professional requirements, unlike many financial service providers who are essentially salespeople.

Beneficial impact.

We teach women to care for themselves financially while also inspiring intentional philanthropy.

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About Moneyweave® Academy

Our vision:

To enhance the financial literacy and thus, the economic security of women and girls in the United States.

Our mission:

To provide trustworthy, comprehensive, and competent financial planning education for women that inspires sound decision-making, purposeful action, and philanthropy.

Our purpose:

To foster self-care and caring for others through financial planning education for professional women that informs, engages, inspires confidence, and motivates purposeful action.

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Our non-profit mission, concentration on comprehensive financial planning education for women, unambiguously well-qualified content experts and our beneficial impact set Moneyweave® Academy apart.

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